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Imagine earth as a looped system, Everything and anything here on the planet, in theory, plays a critical role with the other, governed by Mother Nature’s laws, a true symbiotic relationship. One helps the other as orchestrated by nature. When you take one part away or weaken it, it effects the remaining relationships negatively, in the scientific world it’s called Cause and Effect!
We as humans have continually altered the roles of nature, and we need to stop. We actually need to learn and admire her systems, and how she wants us to act, evolve, proceed and assist.
If not, “Blip”, we too, will be gone as the dinosaur, Mayan and various other cultures which very strong scientific evidence is now showing were here, and now gone, for whatever reason yet to be determined.
We are NOT smarter than nature, we are just now beginning to understand her. It’s been said that we are Sadly, The most ignorant, smartest people on the planet.
The simple fact remains, the greener the planet (the more tree and plant growth) the happier and more balanced the Eco system is. We need to worry more about balancing the system and less about pointing fingers and placing blame.  
We as humanity need to take some responsibility, swallow our pride and take actual ownership of our mistakes, now that is hard. We are blessed to live on a planet that offers us virtually everything in which we need and want to live and prosper. We have absolutely taken it for granted.
We can’t seem to see that we can’t keep taking, and taking, we must learn to give back.
I applaud all that are out doing the work, trying new bold things and getting it done. China has made large strides working towards eradicating desertification as has parts of India and parts of the middle east. We can take notes and learn a few things from some of their practices.

There are plenty of documented stories by not so credentialed people, such as Allen Savory, Tony Cootes, Peter Andrews, Geoff Lawton and John Liu. These are normal human beings, some self-educated, practical individuals whom, rolled up their sleeves, went to work and proved that it can be done in various different and productive ways. There are so many ideas out there, it’s time to get busy and try some of these proven techniques out. More importantly, get to work.

Now, it is up to us to stop worrying about the petty details and understand that Mother Nature will guide us through the repairs if we only pay attention and mimic her blueprints. We can help her accelerate the healing and repairs, before it’s too late and we to, join the dinosaurs and the Mayans!
I am grateful now, to understand what needs to be done, and am ready to do my part and get to work. I really truly wish that I figured this out when I was much younger man.
But as I have been told, you are never too young to learn, Nor swallow your pride.
Now, Let’s get to work!!


Organic Matter and Biodiversity loss!

There are solutions to every problem. Identify the Problem and establish a solution.  Desertification is the most real and evident issues on the planet today. It is said that that we humans have accelerated desertification around the world by up to 35% (According to the United Nations) and that number is in fact rising. Humans are the biggest problem and we are the absolute and ONLY solution. We need to be PROACTIVE and stop being reactive. If we do not come together and work through this as a united world, then Mother Earth will remove us as she did the dinosaurs and the Mayans. We must act now, and stop talking about it. It takes money, more important it takes boots on the ground action, to make it happen.
This is a Global issue, Countries and leaders are throwing money at the problem hoping to solve it and make it go away. What is needed is to put that money to work. We need to stop talking about it, and actually, start doing the work. It will take out of the box thinking, some unthinkable, to work on this devastating and real problem. Forward thinking ideas to solve problems which we as a human species have created.
We will collaborate with several entities and companies to strategically implement the ideas, best practices and efforts needed to solve this global epidemic called desertification. In simple terms, we are the boots on the ground, the Doers and the muscle needed to get the job done. We are at the  point in which the talking is done, it’s time to get to work. We have and know the Problem, We also have the solutions!!


One of the solutions is to create and or reestablish a biodiversity of biomass, accumulated organic matter, hydrology, sounds complicated and complex but nature does this every single day! Learn to emulate nature and natural systems and ecological systems. Soil science and filtration, storage of moisture, storage through retention which then allows proper circulation of moisture and water. Micro and Macro biology and the circle of life, can actually be assisted with human intervention if we mimic nature. We do not need Mother Nature to take Thousands upon thousands or millions of years to evolve, eventually move the process along. We have the knowledge and the ability to advance her cause and facilitate what needs to be done.


Solution is the movement and storage of water.

Water is abundant, we just need to start using it and managing it properly.  What water exists, SLOW IT DOWN!! A vast ocean surrounds us, it’s time to use it! We are getting good uses from thermal dynamics and reverse osmosis. Better water management ideas, such as  sustainable use of gray waters for farmland and irrigation needs.
Flash flood areas need to be manipulated and slowed down to establish storage of moisture through retention and circulation of moisture and water. This is done by slowing the waters down at the source. These floods are not surprises, they are real, evident and manageable.  If we manipulate the surfaces of the ground and the water coming from the source. We can then create a sustainable, useable free water source, able to be utilized, to help nature re-establish and life.

In this process, retention and reloading of the aquafers is very feasible and attainable.
 The accumulation of organic matter. Reestablishing organics and biologic material back into the ground. Establishing local flora and trees and allowing various other plant and animal life to have a new home. Organics can be secured from local dumps and water treatment facilities various farms and other wasted biologics. The shipping of biologic waste will be the new gold for our planet. Follow this up by planting cover crops, weeds if necessary and trees. By creating a means of absorption, ground waters can find their way back to the aquafers.


Becoming better stewards of the planet

As wild fires strike, so then must we. How, by replanting trees and shrubs immediately. Yes, Mother Nature will do it at her own sweet pace.  We as a species, however, do NOT have that time to wait. It is a fact that wild fires release more CO2 into the atmosphere every year than fossil fuels. To give you an idea burning 1 hectare(2.5 acres) of grass land gives off more CO2 than 6,000 cars according to scientist Dr. Alan Savory. We need to intervene, expedite and assist her with that re-growth process, to rapidly move it along.  We were given this wonderful planet to call home, it’s ours to use and admire. What we forget, it’s actually our duty and job to appreciate and care for it. We as humanity need to become much better Stewards of this planet, and not take it for granted as we have for so long. We need to take pride in our home, be grateful for everything this planet has given us. We need to come together and learn, be appreciative and respect this special planet which we all call home, or we will be the next blip in the earth’s evolutionary process.

Flash Floods

Solution is to slow the water down at its source.

Flash flood areas are not surprises, they are everywhere on the planet. In arid environments  that water can be stored naturally by managing and manipulating the surfaces to slow the water coming from the source. Once the water is slowed, wetlands can be re-established to continue the storage, cleaning and purifying of water naturally.
We are here to help facilitate the natural process as we know it. Our species are natural problem solvers, creators and builders . We were created in Gods image and have the ability to create beautiful things. We must also remember that we are part of nature and should start acting like it. If we learn to mimic nature and its ways then we can make things happen.


Weird Facts

There are proximately 72 million lane miles of black top roads and highways throughout the United States alone(according to Federal Highway administration). These numbers come to approximately 2,959,067 square miles of land. To give you an idea, Texas is only 268,820 square miles. Asphalt or dark road temperatures range between 120-160 degrees during any given day in the throughout the spring, summer and fall. That’s in a northern climate by the way. One thought might be to cool down the roads and asphalt with lighter colors to reflect the light rather than absorb the heat. 

A vast majority of roofs systems are dark colored and attract lots of heat waves from the sun. Roof temperatures vary on the same scale 120-184 depending on outside temperatures. We are talking about a lot of dark surface area to lighten and at a great cost. But and I do say But, the temperature would drop significantly and lower the overall atmospheric temperature by quite a bit more than the 2-4% goal I would surmise. Just a thought.


Miracle in the desert rise and fall of the Salton sea
Geoff Lawton Permaculture
Allan Savory Holistic Management and planned grazing
John D. Liu cameraman, China and the  Lis Plataea, Great Green wall of China
Permaculture and Organic matter and Micro climate   Desertification Management
Water Harvesting, slowing down the water, Net and berm techniques
Composting and mulching and utilizing organic materials
Greywater re-use

Arid friendly Trees
Over story trees Lucina, and prasopas, olive trees, dates, citrus


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