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We at GTD Earth are a new and ever evolving company. We are and shall be the much needed stewards of this planet. We study Mother nature at its basic core levels, understand her needs and systems, and incorporate strategies necessary to reduce and solve the problems we as a species have indirectly or inadvertently caused. Humanity and various companies have not taken any responsibility for our destructive behaviors as a human culture. GTD, Earth will use our platform to give companies and humanity the ability to donate or volunteer as needed to set things right and start the healing process. Environmental shortfalls, such as desertification, deforestation, lack of carbon sequestration, proper water management, especially that of flash flood areas in arid climates. All of these areas of our environment require our immediate assistance in order to repair and or correct these known problems. All of the above listed issues require boots on the ground and hands on attention. We can not continue to wait and hope it gets better. Mother Nature has given us her blueprints to follow, the classroom to work in. Our help as individuals and companies is required to speed up the healing process, that is if we would like to continue enjoying Earth as our treasured home. We at GTD, Earth are one of the necessary  vehicles needed for these repairs. Many companies and nonprofits are competing and asking for funds and donations to conduct studies and various research; only a handful actually put their research to work, making things happen.

We need only to open our eyes and get to work, be those boots on the ground the doers of society. We at GTD Earth will be the organizers and program facilitators, we acknowledge the need to become stewards of the planet and assist nature on its most basic levels, more importantly, agree to take on that responsibility to help get it started. 

It’s time to wake up. Now is the time to make changes. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, but at the rate we are headed we can guarantee one thing, there might not be a tomorrow for our species. Global Warming, climate change and the overall health of our planet is not an issue for later generations to resolve. We need to start being proactive, NOT Reactive! In recent history we’ve seen tropical storms, hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires, tsunamis, and even earthquakes all reach record levels of destruction. Meanwhile various ecosystems and micro climates are  hanging on by a thread, while humanity and various companies continually deplete the planets natural resources.

We need to use science and Mother Nature together as one, to mitigate the mishaps and failures of mankind on this planet. We have the desire, knowledge, technology, workforce and more importantly, THE NEED!

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