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 Climate Guardianship Program


Sounds far-fetched, but we are at war, the war with global warming. It is said, God created the Heaven & the Earth, a home so that we can live, prosper and thrive as a species.  From whatever beliefs you grew up with, The Earth is all humans have ever known to call home, thus far, we have failed our duties as a species. It is time to change that, we need to be more grateful and appreciative not only for one another, but for our planet, our home.  The laws of nature, unwritten guidelines for us to follow. We’re living in the classroom, the only  problem is that we haven’t been paying attention. We either get to work and become better Stewards of this planet, or we become extinct as so many creatures and cultures before us.

How the Climate Guardianship program works;

Millions of people, companies and Governments will give, grant and donate the capital and funds required, to allow the necessary materials and equipment needed to get the various projects started and completed.

Each of the projects will be filmed and documented for evidence, and to further educate climate specialists towards future projects. Our donors can follow the various projects from start to finish and feel proud that they gave to a worthy and worthwhile cause, taking comfort in knowing that their donations and monies were not wasted. By using various social media platforms, we will be able to document every step of our journey to not only raise awareness to this issues but to also inform one another the benefits and best practices to greening our planet. Donors can take pride knowing that they actually made, and can make, a substantial difference.

Who is a Potential Guardian:
*Are you young still in school, Trying to figure life out. Haven’t quite figured out what you want in life and quite frankly need to be a part of something, positive and constructive?
*Are you older and working, and need to be part of something bigger than yourself? Maybe you don’t have the money to offer, but have the time, energy and or the knowledge to give. Wanting to do something positive and constructive, and or for something interesting to do.
*Are you retired, silvered and seasoned, bored to death and feel that you still have plenty of gas left in the tank and quite frankly need something to do, or be a part of.

Join our Organization, join a project or help create one, and feel good about serving and or giving back to something BIGGER than ourselves.

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