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Our mission is simple, help Mother Nature heal the damage that we have caused.

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The more that’s Donated, the More we are able to work, it’s honestly That Simple!

Why donate? Because we cut through the red tape and put your money right to work.

 When you donate to the GTD earth programs, you’re able to see your money in action! Regardless of the size of your donations. You’ll be donating to a cause that help’s our planet and get to see firsthand your donation being used, and moreover how its being used. Each of your donations will begin reintroducing both plants and wildlife back to their natural habitats, creating the symbiotic ecosystem which Mother Earth once knew and intended. Raising awareness and educating one another about the benefits of a greener earth, will allow our planet to thrive for generations to come.
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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does help with planting them. 



Green The Desert Donations  

GTD Earth will be established as  a Non-Profit 501 c3 organization, working on and solving Various Global warming issues such as Deforestation, Desertification, establishing various micro climates, Management of flash flood areas in arid climates and alternative water management needs. Our mission is simple, help Mother Nature heal the damage that we as humanity have caused. Identifying the problems and organizing the solutions is the only answer.

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