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Mission Statement

GTD Earth Is being created as a Non-Profit 501 c3 organization established to work on and solve various global warming issues and needs. Our mission is simple, help Mother Nature heal the damage that we have caused. By identifying the problems we can create and the solutions. With your help we will be able to enact a greener, more balanced ecosystem for our planet. Utilizing charitable contributions and various grants, we are able to organize and facilitate the boots on the ground and we can help create a greener more healthy planet.

  All donations whether it be monetary, or of your time and effort, are greatly appreciated. You donate the money, we can purchase the organic materials required, and individuals needed to complete various projects.  GTD, Earth will connect with individuals whom will donate their time and efforts to complete various projects which need imediate attention. With the donations we receive and the assistance of highly educated individuals who have spent their life documenting the changes of the Earth. Together we can eradicate the destruction humanity has caused for centuries. This combination, we can achieve great things.

GTD,Earth,  will focus on deforestation, reestablishing various watersheds, re-greening the deserts in order to stop and reverse Desertification, to lowering greenhouse gasses and CO2 levels by natural means. Educating and teaching individuals and groups on how to create drinkable water, from sea water and various non-drinkable water sources on the planet. We have the knowledge and resources to make it happen. Mother Nature needs our help, since we have created and accelerated the climate issues. It’s our job as Humanity to help her repair the problems. Our organization will be the boots on the ground help, which is needed. GTD,Earth as an organization, will work alongside EPA and the U.S. Forest service, among other state and local agencies, as will be needed to accomplish our united missions and goals.
Humans can unite and do amazing things when they are stressed and their backs are up against the wall. The good news is that we are not helpless!  Ignorant and foolish maybe, but we have the power, knowledge and ability to correct all that has been broken. If we learn to mimic and assist nature, and accelerate that which she wants. We then, will heal all of which we as a species damaged. Evolution is going to happen, we too must learn to evolve as well, and change. We as Nations must Stop ignoring that in which is real. Global warming is repairable, the problem is, talking about it, doesn’t get the work done. We need to actually start doing the work!!!

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